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More world class live music at the Coffee Shop, Crafts & Things.


The final evening of brilliant live music before we call a halt for the summer is on Wednesday May 8th, and we are finishing with something very special.

Tickets are also on sale now for a couple of musicians you probably never heard of, Andre Krengel and Roland Krause, who play together under the name The Raz Duo. They are neither Scottish nor play traditional music, but in a similar way that the audience here were knocked out by the trio Kosmos who played here for the second time recently, I suspect the Raz Duo will have the same impact.

The guitar duo of André Krengel & Roland Krause combines a rousing mixture of different musical genres: melodies and grooves from the worlds of jazz, swing, Flamenco, blues, pop & funk and Latin America, their compositions blending into a harmonious whole. With boisterous energy and passion André and Roland perform their repertoire, comprising original compositions as well as surprising adaptations of many well-known pieces. Here is what others have to say about them.

"When musicians play here they often ask 'had anybody good recently?' Andre Krengel is the artist I mention.

Andre performed for us in 2016 with Lulo Reinhardt (Django’s grandnephew) and, watching the show standing at the door, my mouth gaping, I saw simply the most incredible musician. Andre, from Germany, is one of the leading guitarists. He can play in any genre or style. He was guitarist with Lynnard Skynnard and has played with all the great gypsy jazz guitarists.

He jammed with musicians from the Miami Latin & Cuban music scene. In 2005 he co-founded the prize winning band Sina Nossa ("Our Destiny"), a world-music fusion band (winners, World Creole Music Festival) and headliners at Womad festival.

The Guardian describes Andre as, " ... a traveller between styles & cultures. A guitar wizard with magic hands, retaining his identity & unique talent in a fusion of musical influences, such is his virtuosity and versatility together with his sense of musical dynamics & soft sounds."

“The Andre Krengel & Roland Krause guitar duo - The Raz Duo - combines a rousing mixture of different music from the worlds of Jazz, Swing, Flamenco, Blues, Pop & Latin American and their compositions blend into harmonious whole. They perform original compositions and surprising adaptations of many well-known pieces with a boisterous energy & passion.”

There are some clips on youtube which will give you an idea of their utter musical brilliance.

Its going to be a musical evening not to be missed.  Tickets are available now, £14 £12 concessions, and you can reserve yours now by replying to this email or phoning in on 01855 811325


We have been supporting live music here at the Coffee Shop, Crafts & Things for just on thirty years. We started before the Coffee Shop as it is now, was built in the days of the now sadly long defunct Glencoe and Loch Leven Music Festival, when we had, when weather permitted, bands playing in the garden, at precisely the spot where they play inside now.

Over the years there have been some many amazing evenings featuring the best musicianship the country has to offer, much of it world class. Artists like Fred Morrison, Iain Macfarlane and family, Duncan Chisholm, Andy Irvine, Mary Ann Kennedy, Lily Neil, Clive Carroll, Daimh, Kaela Rowan , James Mackintosh, Tim Edey, Mike Vass, Eilidh Shaw, Tannara, HoRo, Gnoss, Fras, Mairi Campbell, Cera Impala, Ross Martin, Eabhal, Ivan Drever, Iona Fyfe with Luc McNally and Charlie Grey, Kate Young with Patsy Reid and Su-a Lee, John Doyle, John Goldie, Jarlath Henderson,  Marc Clements,  Eilidh Steel and Mark Neil,  plus a few others like Kosmos, Claude Bourbon, Kieran Goss,  and Corinne West, are just a few of those who have wowed audiences here.

Artists who have played here back a bit in time include Brian McNeil, The Wrigley sisters, Ashley McIsaac, Cara Dillon, and the sadly now deceased Michael Mara.

And going back into the mists of time and my memory banks, Sprangeen, the all woman’s group played long ago. And many others have joined in with visiting musicians, the list goes on, and my memory does not serve me well…..

I continue to try to provide a venue not just to the well-established, but also the up and coming musicians, and my feeling is that there are more of them than ever before. But the format does not change. The artists get all the door money, fed and accommodated.  Almost all of the marketing of ticket sales is via the email list I have which you are welcome to join if you have not already done so.

It’s a venue that has no stage, borrows a sound system when needed, has no special lighting, but which both audiences and musicians seem to love. Its intimate, warm and loads of fun. Although some come from Edinburgh and Glasgow for gigs here, the audience catchment area is a small one, which is why there are only concerts on at most twice a month, and in the autumn, winter and spring. In the summer I am just too busy!

I am fully booked for msuicians to play here until December 2019. 

If you would like to be the first to hear of forthcoming events at Crafts & Things, just drop me an email.


The owner of the business David Cooper has written a book, called "A Gap Life"

Capturing the spirit of the 60s, this is the story of one man’s physical and spiritual journey through those extraordinary years.

Starting in Aberdeen, finishing in Glencoe, David Cooper travels across Europe, North America, and Asia. From a commune in California to the rooftops of Istanbul, traversing the deserts of Iran and Afghanistan, crossing the Karakoram on foot, staying in Tibetan monasteries and remote Sumatran tribal villages, travelling alone, he encounters many iconic 60’s figures.

From R.D. Laing, John Lennon, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Allen Ginsberg, the acknowledged founder of the Beat Generation, David’s travels and meetings give us a unique insight into a fascinating era, one that changed the world.

Its available at the shop.




We'll make regular updates to our latest news stories and the forthcoming events we have planned. Please visit regularly to keep up-to-date.

If you would like to have notification by email when the tickets for this and other concerts become available please email david@glencoe.plus.com asking to be put onto the email list.


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