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Next Concert here in the Coffee Shop, Crafts & Things, Glencoe.

People often ask me how I find the artists who play here. Well more often than not they find me through word of mouth from other artists or venues, to the extent that I am turning down offers from musicians to play here on a regular basis.

But once in awhile I hear of someone whose music is so good that I go out of my way to see if I can persuade them to play here, and the next guest Corinne West is a case in point. I had been awestruck by her music , and when I heard she was playing in Edinburgh a couple of years ago I drove down to see her. To cut a long story short, I am delighted that she has included Crafts & Things in her current UK tour, and will be playing here on Monday May 8th. She has come from San Francisco to play for us, I hope as many of you as possible will make the much shorter journey to come and listen to her play.

From her website:

California songwriter Corinne West is a poet, a tunesmith, a visionary and an utterly stellar performer. Her music evokes the eternal stories of mystic troubadours, while speaking with power and grace to a modern audience. She is equal parts angel and outlaw, delicate and fierce. Her skillfully-crafted songs reflect strength, discerning optimism and a true love for the human experience. To listen is to free fall through an aural dreamscape emblazoned with lush vocals and pristine guitar. KLCC Arts and Culture host Eric Alan, hails West as “of the finest singer/songwriters of the age.”

Read more, listen and watch her video clips, on https://www.corinnewest.com  but most of all get a ticket to see her here on May 8th. They go on sale on sun April 16th, usual price £14, with £12 concessions. 


The owner of the business David Cooper has written a book, called "A Gap Life"

Capturing the spirit of the 60s, this is the story of one man’s physical and spiritual journey through those extraordinary years.

Starting in Aberdeen, finishing in Glencoe, David Cooper travels across Europe, North America, and Asia. From a commune in California to the rooftops of Istanbul, traversing the deserts of Iran and Afghanistan, crossing the Karakoram on foot, staying in Tibetan monasteries and remote Sumatran tribal villages, travelling alone, he encounters many iconic 60’s figures.

From R.D. Laing, John Lennon, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Allen Ginsberg, the acknowledged founder of the Beat Generation, David’s travels and meetings give us a unique insight into a fascinating era, one that changed the world.

Its avilable at the shop.




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